Best Pin Nailer 2019 and Reviews – Top Buying Guide

Woodworking is a difficult job. In previous times, the hands of the carpenters were doing all the woodwork. Surely, it was a very difficult task & required more effort and hard work.

Are you looking for the best pin nailer 2019 and want to check the reviews too?

But today we have modern electric tools, which have made this work more reliable & convenient. One of them is 23 gauge pin nailer, which is designed for use in cabinet shops.

A pin nailer performs exceptionally well in all detailed woodworking applications such as constructing picture frames; installing molding, decorative trim, and window beading. Here are the top picks for the current year:

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Best Value Pin Nailers on the Market:top rated pin nailer

Top 5 Best Pin Nailers Reviews

Hitachi NP35A 1-3/8 Inch Pin Nailer Review (23 Gauge)

good pin nailer

The Hitachi NP35A is just one of the favorite pin nailers in the marketplace nowadays.
It is intended to shoot 23 gauge pins that come in lengths of between 5/8″ and 1-3/8″.
The magazine automatically adjusts to match the pin length.
A reload indicator allows you to understand when the magazine is empty.
Your body comprises two no mar suggestions which help to defend the surface your working on.
Flexible thickness lets you get better control on how heavy the pin is pushed into the material you are working on.
Its layout also contains a rear exhaust that helps keep your working area free of oil and debris.
You are also supplied with a carrying case, 3mm hex bar wrench and safety glasses to begin with.
Though made to fire claws around 1-3/8″ span, a few users reported it their resources were not very effective shooting long nails.
But, this issue is readily solved if you adapt to a working pressure of approximately 100 PSI.

Dual trigger mechanism

This dual trigger mechanism is very weird. First of all you should pull the safety trigger, after that, the primary trigger to ready up the nail gun. The dual trigger is there so you won’t accidentally fire nails.

To work with different materials and thickness the model will have a depth adjustment. The depth adjustment can be adjusted in a few seconds and is easy to use. To see the magazine status you’ll have a reload indicator.

Porter Cable PIN100 ½ Inch To 1 Inch 23 Pin Nailer Review

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The second best pin nailer is the Porter Cable PIN100 — Among the most well-known nailers testimonials, the Porter Cable PIN100will flame 23 gauge hooks with spans between 1/2 inch to 1 inch.
It includes a high power bottom loading magazine that may hold up to 170 pins.
The magazine will even automatically adjust to match the nail length you’re using.
A low nail reload indicator helps prevent dry firing when the magazine is empty.
Its double trigger attribute makes it easier to increase shooting accuracy.
This pin nailer comes with a 1 year limited guarantee.
One minor shortcoming of this pin nailer is it doesn’t come with the traditional tool-less depth adjustment.
If you want to correct for depth, you need to change its operating pressure.
This however is not much of a big deal considering that making the right pressure adjustments is part of the initial checks most individuals make before utilizing their air driven nail gun.

Bostitch HP118K 23 Gauge ½ Inch to 1-3/16 Inch Pin Nailer Review


Bostitch HP118K — In case you’re trying to find a pin nailer kit which can get you started straight from the box, then your Bostitch HP118K is a great selection.
It could fire 23 gauge pin nails of 1/2 inch to 1-3/16 inch lengths.
This nailer features adjustable high/low performance which makes it effortless to set the thickness to which the hooks are pushed.
A 200 nail ability magazine makes it effortless to operate for extended periods without demand for reload.
This pin nailer also comes with a very low profile nosepiece which significantly enhances on shooting accuracy.
Additional features you’ll find with this pin nailer are a back tube, reversible belt hook, and 1/4″ air fitting, carrying case and pin nails.
It includes a 7 year guarantee.
One defect several consumers point out about this pinner is that, at reduced pressure configurations, the nailer does not sink the nail below the timber surface.
Increasing the air pressure (towards 100 PSI) generally does the trick.
Additionally using headless nails is suggested.

Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8 Inch Length Headless Pinner Review

p635 pin nailer

The Grex P635 has obtained a lot of positive feedback in many reviews.It shoots 23 gauge headless pins for up to 1 to 3/8” in length. The ergonomic design is great feel for the hand.It’s a exceptional pin nailer which works with headless 23 gauge nails.This makes it a fantastic pick if you want a practical nail gun which ensures clean results.
A high capacity magazine lets you use the instrument for long periods without need to reload.

A double trigger function enriches the nail gun’s safety and also a no mar tip helps to ensure that all substances you work on remain clean.It comes at a lightweight aluminum frame that comprises an elongated nose for working in tight spaces.The design also comes with a rear exhaust and handy buckle hook.

This pin nailer comes with 1 year limited warranty, bottle of oil lubricant, hex keys and a carrying case.
This nailer is made for driving headless nails only.Consumers that enjoy using both headless and slight head hooks point out that you may need to get another nailer for your small head hooks.But, the headless nail only function has an advantage in which you don’t have to worry about the pins not being driven under the timber surface.


Grex P650L 23 Gauge 2 Inch Headless Pinner with Lock Out Review

Grex P650L

Grex P650L — In case you’re searching for a versatile pin nailer that will fire claws of up to two inches in length, the Grex P650L is a fantastic option.
This nailer has a powerful motor that will drive nails into hard substances.
Its high capacity magazine is designed such that it self adjusts based on the duration of fasteners used.
A built in lock out mechanism prevents the device from dry firing.
This nailer also features an elongated narrow nose that makes it easy to utilize in additional tight locations.
A rear exhaust helps keep the working area clean while no-mar rubber tips help reduce damage to the job place.
This pin nailer has a drop in magazine that’s simple to load.
Additional features you’ll find on the Grex P650L contain belt hook, double trigger plus a one year limited guarantee.
Like the Grex P635, the P650L fires pin nails only.
This means you might need a distinct nailer to fire little nails.
This attribute however ensures claws are pushed under the wood surface and there is minimal jamming.

Pin Nailer Buying Guide

Before buying a good pin nailer you should look at the following features to make sure you get the tool you need, these type of best band saw at a great price.

Magazine capacity

Depends on your preferences. If you don’t want to reload the tool tio frequently you should choose one with a large magazine capacity for the micro pins.

Fastener length

You will need a pin nailer that accepts a large variety of lengths for the pin. Minimum for the pin size should be 1/2” and 1”.

Rear exhaust

After every firing the pin nailer will exhaust air and oil. The exhaust for air should be adjustable or be pointer away.

Depth control

The control adjustment of the depth is vital when you are working with different materials, thickness or density. If your unit lacks in depth you should adjust the PSI in the air compressor.

Durability and warranty

Usually, the reputable brands offer the best products for durability and warranty. Because it’s a dangerous tool a warranty of a year at least is recommended.

What are Pin Nailers

Pin nailers are powered by the unique combination of cask and spring to help fastening and clasping of nails. These nailers had been doing great job in temporary mold and fastening however with its proficient work it has now been able to contribute in multi functions. In the world of building and remodeling equipments, pin type nailers have their own amazing features to endorse their worth. The latest business rugged pin nailers have a great variation. They are light weight, high performance and much reliable.

The best pin nailers are tested in adverse conditions to live through any difficult situation. The spell resistant feature of the pneumatic nailers makes it exceptional in attribute and performs even without a head on the pin nail. With different maintenance strategies, the life of the pin nailers could also be turned on for long. The handheld give it’s an easy portability and subsequently eases to handle.

Pin nailers have made their space in the global market by bringing some business rugged building and remodeling range of nail guns which are fit to live up to high performance even in acute situations. Without a pin head they could easily help in molding and does not leave any footprint or could be easily wiped off. It could also be used as a back up to jig building for disassembly. Extremely light weight pin nailers give exceptional options of portability. While handling if liquid spills or squished inside, you have got it going well with its ruggish build. In alliance with molding in nailing features, it could also be used in woodwork; the pin nailers bring in the latest ways of dynamic performance in every field being used. Please do not use it as a brad nailer.

About 23 Gauge Pin Nailers

The 23 gauge pin nailer is a hand-made high quality pin nailer, which features a comfortable, lightweight, and powerful design. It requires only a minimal amount of maintenance and thus reduces costs to you. It provides greater pin capacity ranging from 1/2″ to 1-3/16″, which is a 19% increase over other competitive models. Intended to reduce downtime, the magazine adjusts to diverse fastener lengths by design. An inconspicuous tip tapers down to the contact end for a clear line of sight from any point of view when exact pin placement is a necessity.

The pin nailer features an integrated high and low power control for setting pin nails precisely at desired depths conveniently without changing your compressor settings. Its double trigger acts to make certain you will have a secure process while the tool is being used. Touting 60 inch-pounds of power, the upgrade model can countersink 1-3/16″ pin nails into a host of hard woods including oak and maple. Furthermore, the unit features an over molded grasp for utmost comfort with a rear exhaust that exits near the coupler to channel blow-back out and away from the work.
It is a pneumatic trim gun. This means that it is compact, lightweight and can fire nails so small that they barely leave a trace.

The pin nailer is useful for detailed woodworking, finishing and fastening of delicate, thin, and small wood pieces without splitting. The tool enables you to utilize a wide range of fasteners for job specific performance. It will make the whole process easier. It is powerful enough to penetrate hardwoods.

Pin Nailer Types

Nailers aren’t your run-of-the-mill power tools. There are numerous types, brands and makes. There is a specific purpose for each type. Some are used for lighter and thinner materials while others are utilized for heavier and denser materials. Here are some common types of nailers:

Roofing pin nailers

These are obviously used for roofing and only for that purpose. They are typically coil-type and their magazine is designed to carry a large number of nails.

Framing nail guns

These are typically used for denser and thicker material. They are pretty big and heavy and are usually stick type. 1-4” box type nails are used with these guns.

Finish pin nailers

These are also known as pin and/or brad tools. Obviously, as the name implies, there are used for finishing. Hence, smaller and smoother nails are used. These are typically stick-type and utilized for trimmings and other finishing touches. They are meant for smaller and light materials and are likewise smaller and lighter compared to frame nailers. The nails used are specialized and rounded so putty can hide them from view.

Siding nailers

These are likewise specialized tools which are used for siding. Magazines are large to carry nails for siding. These are usually coil-type.

Coil type nailers

These utilize springs as oppose to pneumatic pressure to pin nails. Professionals who work for extended hours use these tools for longevity at work. These can hold the highest number of fasteners or nails at one time.

Pneumatic nailers

These are classified as equipment as referenced to the way the fasteners are driven. Air or pneumatic pressure is used to drive the nails. These are used for high precision jobs.These pin nailers work on air compression that is delivered by one air compressor.

The run time of these tools will depend on the air compressor so you can use the nailer as much as you need.

Sometimes the air compressor will work only with electricity so that’s a downside if you work on a work place with no power supply.

Headless pinners

These are utilized for high precision and delicate work. Craftsmen use them for handmade items that need delicate fasteners to get the items pieced together. These pinners use nails or fasteners without heads so they can be hidden without trouble. Moreover, the nail’s entry marks are likewise very small and can be seamlessly hidden.


These are used for fabric and other very thin materials. Crown-type fasteners are utilized and are typically seen in non-constructional scenarios.

Palm nailers

These are obviously made to fit your palm and are used for narrow spaces when a bigger power tool cannot fit. These are handy when you have ceiling joists or wall studs to work with.