One day searching for a few tools online and not being able to find them, i decided to start up a Youtube channel of my own, to review new and old tools to help people like me to make an informed decision on whether to buy a particular product or not.

A little about me, i’m a helicopter engineer by trade, working on Seaking helicopters in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm for over 11 years, but due to a back injury and an ankle injury I couldn’t carry on and was discharged, so after a few jobs mainly in the fishing industry i’m now i’m part of a team looking after a large and very busy fishing harbour in the South West of England, taking part in all manner of tasks around the harbour from maintenance to bye-law enforcement to picking up litter from the harbours workboat.

I’ve always enjoyed DIY and tinkering with tools, so after i couldn’t find some tool reviews that i really wanted to see before i bought, i decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own Youtube channel.

What i’ll be doing is filming unboxing of new tools, then reviewing them after i’ve used them for a while, reviewing old power tools and hand tools that are already in my collection, i’ll be reviewing accessories and consumables, you know like sealants, adhesives, paints that sort of thing. I’ve got to review some cheaper items as i can’t keep buying expensive power tools just to review them!

Now i’m not going to lie i do have a favourite brand and i won’t be able to hide it as most of my tools are made by (drumroll……..) Dewalt best pin nailer. But saying that i am a consumer, i’m not going to buy a certain brand even if it’s a rubbish tool, after all i just want to get the job done, so i need the tool that can do the job first time, everytime.