Steps to Build a Deck

There are many benefits to building a deck for your home. A deck can beautify your home and provide space for barbecues and hosting an outdoor get together. Beginning Woodworking is dedicated to making many types of woodworking projects easier. We do this by not just offering deck blueprints. But, by offering simple deck plans that can be used from the smallest deck designs to almost any size you can think of.

Start With the End in Mind

How large and type of deck that you build depends on what you want to use it for. Are you wanting a small deck that offers some standing room? Are you wanting to host parties on your deck? Do you want room for a barbecue grill? Or, do you want a deck that will even host a fire pit? These are all common uses for decks.

By answering these questions then you start to get a picture of the type and size of deck that you are looking for. If this is your first deck then you want to with one of the small deck designs that we offer. You can add sections to your deck later.

Find the Best Deck Blueprints

There are many simple deck plans available. You can find everything from small deck designs to decks that become full fledge wrap around porches. Beginning Woodworking does not recommend trying to build your first deck from scratch. By identifying the perfect small deck design and obtaining a simple deck plan then you will save yourself time and money in wasted materials. You also will save yourself from going bald because you pulled your hair out.

As we have said, starting out with a small deck does not mean that will be the only deck you ever have. It is very possible and not as hard as many think to expand a deck. You have probably seen multi-level decks, many of these happened because the homeowner decided to add on later.

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Quality deck blueprints especially simple deck plansĀ will have more than a picture of the finished product. You will get a detailed and complete list of materials needed. You also will receive a list of the tools necessary to complete the job. Follow this list. If you are a novice at deck building then please resist the urge to make substitutions. By having the exact tools and amount of materials specified then you ensure that your deck build will go smoothly.

Complete Your Deck
When you start building then please stick with the plans that you have. If you simply start building then you will spend more time backtracking because of simple mistakes. You also will increase the cost of your deck project because you have to replace materials that were cut improperly. By following the step-by-step instructions than you will start at the bottom.

You will begin by building the proper foundation for your deck. Just like your house, the stability of your deck depends on the foundation. You then will place the posts, build the deck frame, put on the deck floor, and finish with stairs (if needed), and lastly your rail. If you are doing a covered deck then the last thing will be the roof.

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